Every Friday night the Forest Inn has karaoke.
It’s so much fun and once you get involved you won’t wanna stop.
You don’t have to be anything special to get up and have a sing. In fact, you don’t even have to be good at all but don’t be surprised when every now and then an unsuspecting legend walks through the door and blows every body away.
The DJ has a fantastic mix of songs that he plays to get you in the mood and has a massive selection of karaoke hits for you to choose from including soul, funk, pop, rock, ballads, oldies and new songs as well.
Whoever said Bexley is boring on a Friday night can go back to bed because the Forest Inn is absolutely rockin!
With a good selection of bar food and plenty of Dutch courage to get your warmed up, Friday night karaoke at the Forest Inn is definitely the place to be.
If you’re by yourself or with friends be sure to pop in and jump on the mic for a sing or just kick back and enjoy the show.

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